The Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation
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Our Mission

The Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation is a 501c(3) organization created to honor Andrew’s enthusiasm for life and concern for others by aiding less advantaged children. The Foundation provides scholarships and funding for a broad range of extracurricular activities while encouraging young people to volunteer their time in support of the Foundation’s mission.


Our Impact


Our CAuses

Since it’s creation over fifteen years ago, the AKDF has been providing opportunities to children in need. While it has concentrated much of its efforts in working with schools to provide financial aid or to support athletic programs, the Foundation has also supported many causes that aligned with its mission – providing support for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Children’s Spring Prom, financing interns at Project Sunshine, or scholarships for the First Tee to cite but a few. Since its founding, the AKDF has touched literally thousands of children while providing scholarship assistance to over 250 deserving young people.

Our Philosophy

The AKDF has no paid employees, and except for tax compliance all of its activities are on a volunteer basis. At the same time it is fundamental to the AKDF mission that its grants have a champion who not only advocates but is personally involved with the funded charity. AKDF is hands on, not simply to ensure it’s grants are wisely spent, but to provide a lasting positive impact on all of its charities.

Our VolunteERS

Encouraging participation is critical to our mission and our success. So many young people want to volunteer, want to do good and the Foundation hopes to be one avenue to to this end. Without its volunteers, the AKDF could neither fulfill its mandate nor efficiently raise funds. The Foundation now counts over 1,000 people who have helped make it a success. We encourage those with energy and ideas to contact Board Members about your ideas and dreams.


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