Sam Goodhue

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sam Goodhue and I was fortunate enough to have Andrew as one of my best friends I’ll ever have. I know Andrew would have hated it if I were to ramble on about some sappy speech for five minutes. I think he would have wanted for me to keep it short and sweet. So I’m going to share with you some of the best times I ever had with Andrew.

Going to the club and having some of Angle’s famous brown cows, then going to the pool to harass the life guards and order our lunch, which was burger for me and Andrew would always have pizza or if he was feeling good maybe some nuggets. Whatever he would get, you could bet that he’d be wearing half of it on his brand new golf shirt.

We had a house party over the summer when the Dwyers were away and we had the whole house to ourselves. Stocking the fridge with as much beer possible and playing quarters until Chesley would quit. Then going to our cars, we would open all the doors and blast a song and everyone would sing along as loud as they could, except Andrew, who didn’t really know the words. So he sort of mumbled them and danced around like a complete maniac.

Or that one time in Fishers last summer when Andrew and his dad went tubing in front of their house. For those of you who didn’t know Andrew very well, he had a deep love and respect for the sport and art of tubing, and the biggest rule about tubing for him was, no matter what, you do not let go. And he never did. Shaking Andrew off that tube was a tough thing to do, but it was one of the greatest things to experience. Mr. Dwyer would floor it, at first going relatively straight, and Andrew would be just relaxing, waiting for a challenge.

If anyone knew how to throw Andrew off the tube, it was Mr. Dwyer. He began turning back and forth, doing some donuts, but he couldn’t shake him. Finally Mr. Dwyer took a sharp turn and pushed it to max power and headed straight for his own wake. Andrew made the mistake of leaning out of the wake of the boat so he was almost parallel to the side of the boat. So when Mr. Dwyer went the other way, the line went slack then tight and Andrew was sling-shotted to the other side with incredible force. Then he hit a wave and was simply launched into the air. He probably went fifteen feet high, it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen, but Andrew was very pissed that he fell off.

The last thing I’m going to talk about was when Andrew and I went to the Gold and Silver in New York City. Andrew was way too cool to get a rental tux, or maybe Mrs. Dwyer was so excited that she had an old tux in the attic that they decided not to get a rental. That was a mistake. So Andrew decided to wear this tux that had been in the family for over thirty years. Andrew looked good when he got my house and into the limo, so we all headed out to the city. We got there and everyone was having a great time dancing and talking, but when I looked around for Andrew, I would see him sitting down at the table by himself or with a couple of ladies. I could tell something was the matter. Andrew was the last person just to be sitting around all night. So finally the party was over and we were on our way up to the apartment we were going to sleep at. In the elevator, Andrew said “Yo, you want to see something?” I said, “Sure.” He took his hands out of his pockets and his pants just dropped to the floor, I fell over in hysterics. It turns out when Andrew got out of the limo to go in to the party he had ripped the back of his pants wide open, from his belt to his crotch. So for the entire party he had to tuck his pants into his boxers, and sit down all night. He did such a good job at hiding that huge rip, that no one there knew what had happened. It truly was one of the funniest things that I have ever witnessed.

Well, Andrew I could go on all day but I know you wouldn’t want that, so I’ll see you when I see you.