Lisa Dwyer Fielding

It is warm in here, so warm that the snow has melted the back yard and the ground has thawed. I had a huge bag of bulbs that I intended to plant last fall, but the snow came, and I was not ready for it. I have always found so much comfort in putting bulbs in the ground. It is an act of faith, really, trusting the cold winter will provide the nurturing the bulbs need to flourish in the spring. The winter seems so long and the spring so very far off.

So while Katie bemoans the lack of snow, I am grateful. Because today I am going out to the garden with my bag full of bulbs and I am planting daffodils and tulips for Andrew. I will not delay. I know this weather will not last.

So let this winter be a time for rest and recovery. May this spring bring warm breezes and gardens bursting with flowers. May the summer bring low handicaps, boat tubing, and beach bar-b-ques. May the fall bring Yale football glory and renewed hope to us all.

And so Andrew Dwyer, may this year be for you.