Kyley Lyons

During one summer in high school, Dwyer, Jake and I were sitting in the Explorer for some odd reason. This was due to the fact that we were still in Jake’s driveway at his house at Fishers…Why we felt the need to sit in the car was unbeknownst to me, seeing as how we were not planning on going anywhere any time soon. All of a sudden, Aerosmith’s song, “Don’t want to miss a Thing” came on the radio.

We turned the radio up really loud and sing as loudly as we could since it was really easy to follow the words. Well, Jake and I pretty much had the song down and you could hear Dwyer in the background making up his own words … Just so he could follow along! The words were totally incorrect and off key, but absolutely hilarious. I can remember almost being in tears laughing so much at Dwyer’s mock song. It ‘s kind of silly but those little moments I remember most about Andrew and what I hold close to my heart