Elly Dwyer Rice

While having two tough, very nosy older sisters would daunt many boys, Andrew reveled in it. He loved to hang out with Nancy and me. For example, at last year’s Yale-Harvard weekend, I went out on Saturday night with Andrew and his group. At one point during the night, one of the boys turned to me and asked, “Why are you hanging out with us, don’t you have your own friends?”

Andrew and I turned to each other in shock. Uncomprehending. In our minds I was hanging out with my friends and my best friend in particular. Andrew quickly turned to his friend stating “My sisters are my best friends.”

Hanging out with Nancy and I was always a top priority for Andrew. At Yale, Andrew and I would enjoy weekly dinners in which he would always get a cheeseburger and we would laugh about our latest TV obsession or prank.

I have been so fortunate to spend a lot of time with Andrew. After three weeks of family time in Florida and a family wedding, including a long car trip with just the two of us, one would think Andrew would be sick of hanging out with his sister.

However, on his very first Sunday back at Yale, Andrew came to my apartment to watch his cherished Jets play. As we loaded up on Doritos, peanut M&Ms and beer, I remember thinking how lucky I was. With all the time Andrew and I had spent together, Andrew still wanted to spend more time with me. After the Jets lost, Andrew turned to me completely heartbroken and confided, “Elly, I really need to watch some Joe Millionaire right now.”

I imagine Andrew now in a ridiculous leather lazy-boy with built-in fridge surrounded by those he loved. I laugh when I think of the giant TV he must have. I can see him cracking a beer and a smile. A place where all food is made on the George Foreman Grill and the only ingredients are meat, bread and cheese.

And I have peace because I know he is laughing, and on occasion dancing. I thank God for blessing my life so much with Andrew.

My best brother and my best friend.

I Love You.