A Prayer for Andrew

Through the depths of our despair and dismay, let us remember that death
Is not the end of the soul, nor is it the end of love. Love never dies.

Dear Lord,
Let us feel the grace of your presence with us today.
Surround us in your light, as we gather in this time of sorrow.
We miss Andrew so much: please give us strength to continue on.

We pray,
Treasure Andrew’s soul.
Hold him close. Embrace him in your divine love.
Enfold him please, in the peace of your eternal grace.

And for us who grieve for Andrew,
Please bring the gentle knowing that Andrew, who we love and have lost
is in a greater place.
That he is safe and he is healed. That Andrew is happy and full of laughter.
Please remind us that heaven is just a thin veil away from earth and that
Andrew is not beyond the reach of our hearts.

Bring the reassurance that love is eternal and bonds us forever,
And that Andrew lives on in spirit.
For with his life, as with his death, he has touched so many.

Thank you.