The New York Harbor School

For the last five years the Foundation has sponsored trips by students at the New York Harbor School to Fishers Island. Describing this years trip, Peter Malinowski Director of the Billion Oyster Project wrote:

“This year, 51 students from 4 career and technical education programs (boat handling, professional diving, Aquaculture and Ocean Engineering) at New York Harbor School spent a long weekend on Fishers Island with faculty and staff from the Harbor School and the Billion Oyster Project. This is a unique and valuable opportunity for the interdisciplinary work and recreation on our beautiful island. Among other things, the students recovered 1,400 oysters from the bottom and brought 600 live oysters back to Governors Island for us to use as broodstock in the Harbor School to produce new oysters to be restored to New York Harbor.

The Fishers Island trip was an experience those fifty-­one students will never forget. They met a lot of new people, learned or developed CTE specific skills, and they're bringing them all back with them to the Harbor Community. Thank you again for your ongoing support of our programs!!”