The Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation
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Andrew was a young man of outstanding character who enjoyed making others happy. With a wonderful sense of humor and enthusiasm for life, he attracted a legion of friends while resolutely demonstrating a sensitivity and kindness for others. We have collected some remembrances from Bedford, Fishers Island, Hotchkiss, and Yale of the many facets of this extraordinary person.



A Prayer for Andrew

Andy Dwyer Father

Ben Cameron Friend from Fishers & Jupiter Island

Chris Brooks Cousin, Friend from Hotchkiss

Elly Dwyer Rice Sister

Erica Youngstrom Reporter at The Yale Daily News

The Fishers Island Gazette

George W. Bush Former President of The United States

Jake Grand Friend from Bedford and Fishers Island

Jamie duPont Friend from Fishers Island

John Flinn Friend from Hotchkiss

John Hyland Friend from Hotchkiss

Kate Helfet Friend from Fishers Island

Katie Baker Friend from Yale

Kristen Thompson Reporter at The Yale Herald

Kyley Lyons Friend from Fishers Island

Lisa Dwyer Fielding Aunt

Nancy Dwyer Eaves Sister

Nate Thorne Friend from Hotchkiss and Yale

Robert H. Matton Hotchkiss Headmaster

Sam Goodhue Friend from Bedford

The Reverend Terence L. Elsberry Rector St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Bedford, New York